Follow Friday: Everyday Feminism

Everyday Feminism is my new favorite feminist blog. If you’re new to feminsm, this is the blog for you. If you’ve been a feminist for years, this is still the blog for you. You can find literally anything you’re looking for in the world of feminsm on this site. Everything from self-love to LGBQTIA topics are covered here. Everyday Feminism has created a community of caring individuals that shed light on important topics in order to overcome discrimination and violence. The best thing about this blog is that it’s for everyone, not just women. Here’s a little piece of their mission:

“We want to live in a world where every person (and we mean every single person) is treated with respect, directs their own lives, and reaches their full potential.

We want this to be true for every woman, man, adult, child, black, Asian, Latino, indigenous, white, gay, lesbian, transgender, straight, poor, rich, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, disabled, able bodied, immigrant, refugee, citizen, and every other group of people on this planet.

Why? Because we’re all human beings who feel love and pain just like you.”

Doesn’t that just give you chills?! Check this blog out, you’ll probably learn a lot of amazing stuff about the situations that people who are different from you are facing.

Here’s the link 🙂


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