ICYMI: AHA! Gallery Exhibit Opening

This Monday, September 15th, marked the opening of the AHA! Gallery Exhibit: Talking Pictures: First-Generation College Students Speak from Behind the Lens. The opening reception was attended by artists, students, staff, and people from all over, coming to celebrate the work of the dedicated students who made it.

The ceremony began with an introduction by Rashné Jehangir, an Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota, who had her first job at The U with the TRIO Program, and organized the exhibit. One of the things that she stressed was the necessity of looking deeper into the picture, not just taking a brief glance. The pictures are accompanied with a description of what the artist sees in their picture and what it means to them; for instance, a picture of a path is not just a picture of a path. This sentiment was furthered by one of the student artists who echoed Rashné’s words. She stressed for people to take a minute to read the descriptions to fully understand how significant the images are.

The students who took these pictures and wrote about them are all first-generation college students, and seeing the hard work that was put into the creation of their work demonstrates the students’ passion, as well as major theme regarding a search for identity, something that many can relate to. It is truly a universal exhibit.

Rashné Jehangir speaking to those who attended the opening of the exhibit

But in case you missed it, don’t worry. The exhibit will remain up for all of fall semester, so there is plenty of time to visit, or re-visit this inspiring exhibit.

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