Welcome Shonna to the UMN Women’s Center Blogging Team!


Hey Friends!

I am so happy to be jumping on this blogging train with the Women’s Center! I hope the thoughts and ramblings I churn out spark some interest or passion in ya!

So to officially introduce myself: My name is Shonna Korsmoe. I am turning 23 on October 12 (like, SO old, I know!) and will be spending the day in a pumpkin patch with my family. I am a professional journalism major with a minor in social justice, and I will be graduating this December (scary!). But if I had had more time to figure out my major, I probably would have switched the two around.

I love to write, but my heart is for justice, especially for women. In the past few years, my eyes have been wrenched open to the structural sexism, racism, classism, and other isms that persist in our country and our world. I have come to understand that it is not just the acts of a few “perverted” or “uneducated” men who are perpetuating these behaviors, but rather an underlying, overarching attitude about what kind of person matters most, about what women are or should be, and about gender roles in our society. Again, it is an attitude problem, an error in our belief system that has led to this national entanglement of injustice.

It is my heart’s cry that with my words, wit, and candor I can help to untangle the mess we have found ourselves in. I have always said that once a person’s eyes are opened to injustice as mine have been, they cannot close them. I hope to open your eyes, to open our university’s eyes, and to open the eyes of our nation and our nation’s leaders to the work that must be done to stop catcalling, to stop sex trafficking, to stop unfair wages, to stop rape, to stop intimate partner violence and child abuse, and to stop letting the objectification of women function as the norm in our society.

Whew! Heavy stuff, right? Well I will take it one piece at a time and we’ll see what we can do, okay?

On my lighter, more fluffy side, let me list the things I love: My boyfriend, Jeremy, who I live with in Roseville; my cat Finley, who I consider my firstborn son; crocheting and ALL the yarn!; my nieces and nephews; my job managing a children’s clothing store; napping; good books; Netflix (currently binge-watching Gilmore Girls eeee!); making jewelry; wearing comfy pants; and eating pizza or mac and cheese.

Things that matter to me: mental health and mental health awareness; the ending of sex trafficking; rescuing animals; proper grammar; more resources for women and girls to grow and learn; and being polite to retail and restaurant workers (because take it from me—we work HARD!).

So that’s me in a nutshell! I welcome questions or comments on my writing, and additionally, can be reached at korsm031@umn.edu. Thanks for reading, and see you next time,



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