ICYMI: Celebrating University Women Awards Program


In case you missed it, last Friday, October 17th, the Celebrating University Women’s Awards Program took place. This is an event designed to honor the recipients of the Women’s Center awards, grants and scholarships.


The event began with a welcome from Women’s Center interim assistant director, Uyenthi Tran Myhre. This was followed by opening remarks from Suzi Pyawasay, Diversity Program Coordinator in the College of Science and Engineering. Suzi’s remarks, titled “Celebrating the (S)heroes of Our Own Stories,” pointed to how events like this one are not just celebrations, but a show of support for the amazing work women are doing on campus. Suzi also reminded the audience to recognize the women in our own lives who have inspired us and supported us, especially through those times when we might not believe in ourselves.


Awards, grants, and scholarships offered through the Women’s Center and recognized on Friday include the Mullen-Spector-Truax Women’s Leadership Award, Sara Evans Faculty Woman Scholar/Leader Award, Carol E. Macpherson Memorial Scholarship, Dr. Nancy “Rusty” Barceló Scholarship, and Women’s Center Institutional Change Grants.


The Johnson Great Room in McNamara was full of supporters from across campus, as well as family members who attended to support the awardees. As always, it was a fun and happy event to celebrate all the recipients of Women’s Center awards, grants, and scholarships!







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