Welcome Christine to the UMN Women’s Center Blogging Team!


My name is Christine and I’m super excited to be blogging for the women’s center. 😀

I’m a sophomore at the U but I’m working towards an undergraduate degree in Genetics, Cell biology, and Development. I might be enrolled as a science person but I think writing will always be my mistress.

So a little bit about me: I’m a full time student, part time shark enthusiastic, and an all-time Harry Potter trivia buff. Let’s get a few things straight; I prefer tea over coffee, cats over dogs, zippers over shoelaces, you know the drill. When I’m not blogging in my free time I’m usually playing video games or binge-watching cartoons. I also tend to have a lot of arts-y hobbies: knitting, drawing, etc. and can pick up pretty much any type of craft-y activity.

Above all else though, I love to read; you can usually find me loitering in the nearest bookstore. What do I read, you ask? I’m pretty open to anything, from comics to classics. I used to be really into fantasy/fiction but nowadays I think I’m moving more towards sci-fi and nonfiction. I’m still a fan of fiction, but I prefer adult fiction over teen these days. Whatever the genre, you ever need book recommendations I’m your girl.

So why am I here? It’s only within the last few years that I’ve come to realize just how problematic our society truly is regarding the treatment of women. The problems with unequal treatment of genders has become so ingrained in our culture; these things are not pointed out to us and therefore feel so natural. It is not until it was pointed out to me that I began to realize just how wrong the entire situation is. Now that I have seen what is truly going on, I cannot stop seeing instances of sexism, etc. in my everyday life and the fact that I had not noticed before is appalling. From there, my research into feminism opened the door for me into social justice. I want to create that same moment of realization for other people, in the hopes that proper education will lead to change. Wish me luck!


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