Welcome Sarah to the UMN Women’s Center Blogging Team!

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Hello everyone, my name is Sarah Thamer and I am delighted to be blogging for the magnificent Women’s Center.

I am a junior at the U studying Professional Journalism with a minor in Public Health. My passion for writing lead me to immerse myself in opportunities which allow me to share my burning thoughts and questions about the world. I know I’m in the right place.

Here are a few things about me: First of all, Charles Bukowski is actually my hero. When reading his poetry, I crumble at every word in the best way possbile. Neruda, Hemmingway, Cummings … oh man, I can go on with these literary geniuses. But for now, know that they are all on the list of poets I dream of having coffee with. Which brings me to my next topic: COFFEE. I don’t think this needs an explanation but whoever said coffee is like a hug in a cup, really understands life. I absolultely love supporting local bookstores and local anything, really. Shout out to Eat My Words bookstore in Northeast Minneapolis. I am a part of a writing group called Mizna and have perfromed my poetry at various coffee shops and bookstores. My favorite things to do include going to museums, art shows, plays, and concerts that are not too loud, semi quiet, and above all, chill. Feel me? I have a burning desire to travel the world and keep a journal of all my findings. I dream of breakfast in Turkey, lunch in Athens, a hike in China, and dinner in Italy. Perhaps one day we can travel together. But for now, lets write about it all, because writing makes everything come to life, amiwrite? Yes, you can also add my puns as a skill I’ve come to master.

Let’s get down to business. Like many bloggers, I am here because the troubling matters of the world concern me. My younger self was too naïve to be fully aware of just how deranged our world is when it comes to issues of social justice. In my journey of growing, which is still a journey, I’ve become more and more curious each day about the why’s and how’s of questions I needed answers to. Like why are there so many people of color incarcerated? Why are women not getting paid the same as men? In 2014!..Can we just talk about population management? And how racism didn’t really end, but is only reconstructed? Or police brutality, or unemployment, or funding wars! I began reading books to help my mind from completely going mad at these consistent curiosities. Having a Palestinian background, any case of injustice feels close to home. My homeland’s struggle becomes my struggle, and my struggle intersects with other struggles in the world and that’s why my passion for social justice is a passion that will continue to blossom.

With each blog, I aim to give voice to those who may not have one. I aim to hopefully be a small, positive change on a platform welcoming of everyone.

So talk to me, because chances are, I want to talk to you. Reach me at Thame024@umn.edu . Cheers!


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