What Makes You Beautiful?

To be beautiful is to love oneself. However, with the societal standards and expectations on beauty we live with today, to many individuals, to be beautiful is no longer a self-subjective experience. Rather, beauty has widely become a measurement of one’s self value through material means, often brought on by thebelief that it is through the lens of society that one’s beauty becomes objectified and determined. Many celebrities have used their platform to address this topic to the girls and women of our communities; one in particular is musical artist Colbie Caillat. She recently released a song and music video titled “Try” with the familiar message that “you don’t have to try” to fit into societal standards of beauty. Instead, feeling beautiful comes down to the simple evaluation of “do you like you” for whom you are and what you have to offer as you?

By the women of Delta Phi Omega at the University of Minnesota Twin-Cities.


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