The Power of Scholarship: Tawana Terrell


The Dr. Nancy “Rusty” Barceló Scholarship was a saving grace for me. I was a non-traditional student and as a result I did not have many scholarships available to me. The scholarship afforded me the opportunity to finance my expensive major, Interior Design. Books and supplies are extremely expensive in the Interior Design major, and scholarship was a great resource to help me achieve my goals. Receiving the scholarship also gave me a great sense of pride and a feeling of belonging. I enjoyed going to the award celebration where I had the opportunity to hear amazing testaments of women who were inspired to get their education. The Barceló Scholarship has helped me, not just financially, but by also instilling in me that I am good enough to better myself and go after my dreams of attaining a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. This gift has afforded me the opportunity to contribute to the design field by designing spaces conducive for the end users. In essence, the Barceló Scholarship has helped to build my self-esteem and made me an even more productive person! The support of the Dr. Nancy “Rusty” Barceló Scholarship is in strong demand for women – just like me – who do not have many financial resources, who want to better themselves, and who want to contribute to society in a meaningful way.

To #Build4Barceló with your gift, please click here.


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