With Great Power Comes Another Reboot

Sony has recently announced plans for yet another Spiderman reboot. It would appear the Amazing Spiderman series, although successful, did not do as well as the company had hoped, leading it to finally agree to work with Marvel for their next attempt. There is a lot of excitement about this development, as the return of Spiderman to Marvel suggests that he will finally be able to appear in movies alongside the Avengers. While I for one am all for more Spiderman, it seems the role is once again likely to go to a white male, to the disappointment of fans everywhere.

Already several actors have expressed interest in and are potentially being considered for the role, including Dylan O’Brien, Logan Lerman, and Freddie Highmore. Although all talented and well loved, fans are worried the casting of yet another white male will cause this second reboot to be indistinguishable from the others, as the character perspective will not lend any new insight on Peter’s journey as Spiderman. As said on tumblr, “I love Spider-man and the fact that he’s back at Marvel, but I swear to god that if his new movie is an origin story, I’m shooting Uncle Ben myself.”

Instead, here are some different ways fans would like the new Spiderman to recapture our interest.

A Spiderman of Color
Who said Peter Parker had to be white? With two movie series having featured white actors, fans are hoping Marvel will spice up its cast by selecting a Spiderman of color. This sort of recasting would really open up discussion as to what it is that makes Spiderman who he is, and would provide new challenges Peter would face as a person of color in the hopes that it will provide a fresh take on Peters origin story. A reminder to those outraged at the idea of Peter Parker interpreted as a person of color; he’ll look the same with the Spiderman mask on no matter what race he is. Popular fan choices include Osric Chau, known best for his performance in Supernatural, and Community’s Donald Glover.
Donald Glover actually has a twitter campaign known as #Donald4Glover, in which fans have rallied for Glover to play Spiderman ever since the announcement of the 2012 reboot. Although that role in The Amazing Spiderman went to Andrew Garfield, the campaign has become active again with the news of yet another Spiderman. Glover himself has declared interest in playing Spiderman, although he has since said that he himself won’t campaign for the role, and will leave that up to fans.

Miles Morale
Following the lines of a black Spiderman, there is tremendous support for a movie not about Peter Parker, but Miles Morales. With similar powers to Spiderman, Miles is the successor to Peter Parker in an alternate universe after Peter is killed by the Green Goblin. Introduced in 2011, Miles Morale is the second Spiderman and was created with the intention of acting as a positive role model for non-white children. Representation is extremely important and in this day and age, it could be said that the least accurate representation of New York City is in fact, a white male when there are so many other people in the city that might relate more to someone different.

Spider Gwen
You know what, don’t even bother with Spiderman. The people want to see Spider-Gwen, the star of one of Marvel’s latest comic series in which Gwen Stacy is the one to take the lead as the web-shooting hero. Spider-Gwen features an alternate universe where Gwen is the one to be bitten by a radioactive spider, and becomes Spider-woman. In addition to giving us the movie with the female superhero lead we’ve been dying for, Gwen’s character brings new challenges Peter never had to face, such as being persecuted by her own father, the chief of police.

There are so many different ways to bring diversity into the recast of Spiderman that would not only give the Spiderman story something to stand out from its last two series, but also a way to really connect with its fans in New York in beyond. As fans, we love Spiderman no matter what the interpretation and can only hope things will be different this time around.


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