Welcome Emma to the Women’s Center Blogging Team!


I’m Emma and I’m from St. Paul, Minnesota. I will most likely always be a city girl because I can just not get enough of the beautiful Twin Cities. I am merely a first-year student here at the U of M, and I am studying English and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. My favorite aspect of the U is the diversity of people and cultures. I grew up in a family of artists, so it is particularly important to me to live in a diverse and creative environment here at the U.

I am a huge horror movie buff and especially enjoy wasting away my precious study time watching American Horror Story. When I am not doing so, I’m most likely at an art museum, wandering the city, or shopping. My clothing consists of anything olive green, mustard yellow, or black and I hold my fall wardrobe near and dear to my heart. Few things make me happier than a good cup of coffee and a compelling conversation with a friend. Most importantly, I will always have a special spot in my heart for my two miniature dachshunds, Jip and Judy, who are most likely my biggest supporters in life because they don’t nag me.

On another note, all you truly need to know is that I am passionate about art and literature. Toni Morrison is a genius and Emily Dickinson will always be my hero. Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keefe are just a few of my favorite feminist artists, among others. I love being exposed to new art, music, and literature, especially local artists and creators. I have been so lucky to have grown up in a family that has provided me with a network of people around the cities that endlessly inspire and support me.

Although I appreciate art, I do not seriously create my own. My version of art is my writing. I have always had a passion for writing and reading, and combined with my passion for gender equity and social justice, I hope to inspire others to think about and act on significant issues. Even if all my writing does is make a single person think about something, I have accomplished something incredible.

My specific areas of interest within social rights include anything related to intersectional feminism. I aim to look at how sexism can hurt everyone differently depending on race, class, gender, sexuality or ability. This topic encompasses many related issues, such as issues for male-identifying people, immigrants, people of color, and so on. I am half Greek and half Mexican, so I am particularly interested in analyzing racial issues within feminism and even looking at how ideas of beauty have become so white-centered. Honestly, the list could go on, as there are so many critical issues, all of equal importance.

Overall, there are endless issues to learn about. Maybe you don’t feel personally impacted by certain issues, but this doesn’t mean other people aren’t. Find an issue you are interested in, pick up a book, and start reading. Educate yourself-even if the truth is appalling-and start a discussion. The world is messed up, and if I linger on this fact for too long, it’s discouraging. However, I also know how beautiful the world truly is, and how strong people can be when they speak out in solidarity. There are so many people, so many creations, and so much to learn…I can’t wait to keep learning.


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