Welcome Claire to the Women’s Center Blogging Team!


Hey everyone! My name is Claire Fallon and I’m a sophomore majoring in English and minoring in Spanish. After my undergrad here at the U is completed I hope to attend law school to become a human rights attorney.

I came to appreciate and be a part of feminism in high school and since then it has helped me to grow to be more comfortable with myself as well as become familiar ways that I can be supportive of others battling various forms of oppression. It has assisted me in becoming conscious of my own privileged position in both American and global society, and I find myself constantly learning and benefitting from the teachings of the movement’s many inspirational participants.

To give you some fun facts about myself outside the sphere of feminism, I was born in Chicago and raised in the suburb of Palatine (obviously the coolest one). I’m OBSESSED with The X-Files and Twin Peaks and one of my favorite things to do is go to the movies because in another life I was most certainly an accomplished film director. Being an English major forces me to love books and I’m usually reading 4 or so at a time, but my current favorite is “The Price of Salt” by Patricia Highsmith. I also absolutely love writing poetry and I am having a poem published in the University of Minnesota’s very own IVORY TOWER this spring (shamelessly obvious self-plug)!

I’m so excited to be joining the blogging team and I hope I’ll be able to communicate some new and interesting perspectives on feminist issues. If you would like to contact me to talk about my posts, offer some different insight, or just to say hey, my email is fallo030@umn.edu.


2 thoughts on “Welcome Claire to the Women’s Center Blogging Team!

  1. Hi Claire! As you may or may not remember, I was one of the people photographed for your More than my Insecurity project lol. It’s great to have you on the blogging team!

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