Welcome Ellen to the Women’s Center Blogging Team!


Hello friends! My name is Ellen, but I’m alright with Elle too. I am an incoming 3rd year transfer student here at the University of Minnesota. I am majoring in Sociology and am planning on attending physical therapy school after undergrad. It is helpful to learn to work with people if I’m going into a profession that works with different types of individuals every day. I love the thought of being able to help a person walk again or just helping them get back to their daily lives. I also love to work with people, understand their story, and am intrigued by society itself, hence my major. My dream is to become a physical therapist and occasionally go on missions trips to countries that need medical attention all the while advocating for survivors of injustices (more specifically human trafficking and sexual assault).

I found my inner feminist during my junior year of high school. However, it didn’t start to bloom until my sophomore year of college! This was because I didn’t feel like I could do anything. Last year was the year I learned I had a voice and that my voice matters. I will not stay quiet any longer and I refuse to stay comfortable in such a broken world. I want to be a voice for the ones society oppresses such as women, the LGBT+ community, and ethnic minority groups. I am particularly interested in intersectional feminism because every single individual is unique whether it is someone’s social class, gender, sexuality, or race. I believe it is important that people step out of their comfort zone and learn about other individuals instead of minimizing its importance simply because it may not affect them.

In my free time I enjoy to run, listen to music, go on outdoor adventures (I LOVE exploring), play the oboe, talk about the relentless love of Jesus, watch movies, read, talk with people over tea or coffee, play with my birds, do impersonations, and sing confidently bad in the shower. I listen to almost any kind of music. As of right now, the artists I’ve been listening to lately includes Sleeping at Last, Birdy, Andrew Belle, Ben Rector, Beyoncé, and much more. I love almost any genre of films, but the thing with horror is I will claim to love it, but really have a blanket over my eyes 89% of the time. I also love watching Disney movies or anything from Studio Ghibli. I love talking to people one on one. I appreciate talking about feminism (duh) or anything ranging from simple topics such as your hobbies all the way to your life story (struggles, victory, passion). As for TV shows, I am currently watching shows such as Grace & Frankie, Grey’s Anatomy, Parks and Rec, Orange is the New Black, and The Office.

I am originally from Houston, TX, but moved up to rural Minnesota at the age of 13. I started going to high school in a small town that wasn’t as diverse as my schools in Houston, so it was a different experience. I wasn’t used to living in the rural area, so it was cool to have lived in both settings. I then went on to college at UMD for my freshman year and SCSU for my sophomore year. And now here I am. I am so excited to be attending UMN!

I don’t have any blogging experience, in fact blogging for the Women’s Center was never in my plans. But now that I am doing this, I know this is going to be such a delight!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me through email at soxxx051@umn.edu with questions, comments, or concerns regarding my posts!!


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