Welcome Soha to the Women’s Center blogging team!


Hi everyone! I’m Soha and I’m a Graduate Student here at the University of Minnesota. I’m getting a degree in Patent Law. You’re probably wondering what am I doing here, so let me explain. Growing up in countries of world in which woman had been given the backseat, be in whatever strata of life and probably the authority of questioning for the sex was non-existent. I am glad the ideology is evolving in a progressive way of-course, however I strongly stand-by issues on women should be precisely and explicitly stated, which to be analyzed as a tool for progress for in any economy around the world.

I was born in the Middle East and grew up in one of most glamorous regions of the world, and even though I always thought I was a “city girl” at heart, moving to Minneapolis was a whole new world for me. All of a sudden I was meeting people with different backgrounds and stories that I had only heard of or read about from the other hemisphere of the world. I felt like I had so much to learn and as overwhelming as that was, I loved it. I changed my major from engineering so I could enter a field where I could experience and celebrate our differences firsthand and communicate with people from all around the world. Life at the U has been more wonderful than I can even put into words and has allowed me to discover my passions.

My main passion is writing, obviously, which is why I’m here at the Women’s Center Blog. I have always loved writing, but I strayed from it for a few years. Rediscovering my love for writing is something I will be forever grateful for. I prefer writing non-fiction– politics, social issues, global problems, gender equality, and anything along those lines. Regardless of what topic, I always aim to centralize the intersections of race, gender, class, religion, sexuality, etc. and to be inclusive of everyone. Upon becoming aware of how systems of oppression work, I realized that my feminism is incomplete and actually pretty useless without intersectionality. If I want to write to make a change, I must consider the experiences of marginalized communities outside of my own.

Reading is also a love of mine. I have discovered some of my favorite authors in my classes here. I absolutely adore the works of Paul Coelho and Jean Sasson, on the contrary I am always down to contemplate bell hooks’ theories. I grew up burying my face in books, starting with Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, and I haven’t stopped since.

In addition to reading and writing, I love fitness, talking about fitness regimes, talking about feminism and intersectionality, expressing my dislike towards Donald Trump, watching documentaries and animated movies, and listening to rap and R&B (the feminist in me knows how problematic some of these lyrics can be and is really quite ashamed.)

I am so excited to be writing for the Women’s Center Blog and to discover more about the topics I love! I’m completely open to listening to and considering your critique; please tell me if you think I missed something or if you’d like to discuss any of my posts further by emailing me at shaik071@umn.edu.


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