Women’s Center Director Peg Lonnquist Receives NWSA Lifetime Achievement Award!


Women’s Center Director Peg Lonnquist, Ph.D.

Congratulations to our Director, Peg Lonnquist, on receiving the National Women’s Studies Association Women’s Center Lifetime Achievement Award! Peg’s career and volunteer work toward equity includes serving as the Women’s Center Director at the University of Minnesota for 9 years, the Margaret Sloss Women’s Center Director at Iowa State University for 4 years, the Director of Woodswomen-Outdoor Adventures for Women for 2 years, and Program Coordinator for the International Girl Scouts and Girl Guides Center in Mexico. A social justice activist all of her life, Peg seeks to empower people to bring their best work into the world.

In honor of Peg’s achievement, we invite you to think about how you can make the world better. This might mean taking time to care for yourself and your loved ones. Perhaps it means starting a conversation with your friend or coworker about feminism or why we still need Women’s Centers. As you are able, we invite you to make a gift to contribute to the mission of the Women’s Center to advance gender equity across identities. Your gift, whether small or large, allows us to provide scholarships to help make the University financially accessible to talented women from diverse backgrounds, and to educate leaders who make a positive impact on their communities, and thus to support the University’s goal to become one of the top universities in the world.

In her role as Director for the Women’s Center since 2007, Peg Lonnquist, Ph.D., has set the bar high for showing how women leaders can make a profound contribution toward addressing the challenge of equity. Annually, over 6,000 students, staff and faculty directly benefit from the programs and initiatives at the Women’s Center (and that does not count all the people reached via social media). Peg has launched several leadership and organizational transformation initiatives, mostly in partnership with other University or community organizations or experts. Peg’s “intergalactic,” participatory leadership style (she wrote an article about that!) is innovative and empowering for students, staff, and faculty. Key initiatives include: the Women’s Leadership Institute, the Women Faculty of Color Network, the Summit for Leaders for Women’s Equity, the Regional Women’s Center’s Professionals Network, and designing/facilitating Breaking the Glass Ceiling workshops for the Equity and Diversity Certificate. With Peg’s support, the Women’s Center staff initiated and coordinated the bi-annual Indigenous Women and Women of Color Student Summit, “Elect Her” training to encourage students to run for office, salary negotiation workshops, and produced several publications to assist with the work toward equity. Peg’s advocacy has led the University to add a lactation room in our building, a study/lounge near our offices, and add bathroom stalls for women to a building, which had a 2:1 ratio the other way. Her efforts have also resulted in significantly increasing our women’s scholarship funds that focus on women of color and first generation students.

Please join us in congratulating Peg Lonnquist on her Lifetime Achievement Award!


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