Make the World Better: Weekly Action

We invite you to join us in making the world better, by taking a weekly action with the Women’s Center. Once a week, we’ll share an idea or two here, to help you get connected to resources to get involved, take action, and find community.

This week, our weekly action is focused on the importance of respecting gender pronouns when practicing allyship for trans/non-binary folks.

Visit this resource,, that walks through why pronouns matter and common questions that come up when talking about gender pronouns.

Additionally, check out this video by Riley J. Dennis on Everyday Feminism about Why Singular ‘They’ Pronouns Make Perfect Sense – Even If You’re a Grammar Purist.  Dennis dismantles the common argument used against ‘they’ pronouns to explain why grammar is not a valid reason to disrespect people who use ‘they’ pronouns.


Respect Gender Pronouns // Credit: Maxine Sarah Art

As we continue to post these weekly actions, you can click here to find previous posts.

Thank you for all that you do to make the world better!


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