Grab your lasso of truth — Wonder Woman article roundup!

Several colorful round buttons depicting Wonder Women of different backgrounds

Representation matters! Stop by the Women’s Center for one of a selection of buttons featuring Wonder Women of many kinds!

Grab your lasso of truth — it’s time for a Wonder Woman article roundup!

This summer’s Wonder Woman is bringing wide acclaim as well as a wide spectrum of emotions. It’s a woman-identified superhero! On the big screen! Kicking ass!

For some, the film is refreshing and empowering. For others, this representation leaves much to be desired. And for many of us, both ring true!

Holding a both/and consideration is always helpful in critical media consumption. I can feel both excited by the badass nature of a young girl’s warrior aspirations, something I’ve never seen in a film, and be disappointed by a heterosexual relationship that didn’t need to be there, woeful underrepresentation of people of color, and the politics that have arisen outside the film’s fiction. There is tension, but it leaves space for a livable interplay between appreciation and hesitation/ room for growth/ etc.

As we grapple with both the power and the potential of the film and the future of Wonder Woman, here are just a few of many truths and perspectives about the summer’s feature flick. What else have you read about Wonder Woman? Feel free to share other articles with us.

For Background

On Feminisms

On Race  (how can we ensure that Nubia is front and center in the sequel?)

On Sexuality

This is cute


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