I am born here – elitism of the most obscure form

I am not from around here and was not aware of such distinctions existed in the realm and especially in this part of the world, i.e. North American continent A.K.A land of immigrants. The obscurity that I am referring to in the title of this article roots from the obvious facts that every citizen in this country had their fathers or fore-fathers travel through same journey of non-immigrant hardship. And, I won’t deny the fact that these people are more privileged than of the non-immigrants but irony of the situation is that people or citizens have forgotten of the previously mentioned fore-father’s fact and consider themselves Elite to which I politely categorize them as elitist.

A lot of us Non-immigrants probably work thrice as hard as the privileged lot and honestly, we have the similar knowledge of an immigration attorney by the time we get to our residency for the country. My grumble is not towards working hard it is a pre-dated fact to which we have agreed before stepping in on the national borders of this Land, but we metaphorically speaking categorize ourselves as children’s that need to be kindly guided upon. However, that is not the case in this country. I cannot speak for others in my lot, but being of an Indian origin, it is a natural tendency to seek help or guidance from the similar kind well so did I. But, somewhere in the entire process of seeking help, I tend to realize that people of similar race and share the similar skin color but the only distinction being the dark blue passport with the great seal of United states and they are superior or elitist.

Although, I am native to India but have stayed in different parts of the world but North America and shockingly to my dismay was unaware and taken aback once in this great country. There are positive notes to staying in this country, prosperity and obviously the education system. However, due to such invisible negatives it is discretely getting harder each day for non-immigrants to survive in the country whereby you are alienated from your own kind. Being away from family, we dream of coming to The states with innocent wish of being successful and though we leave our family & friends behind in the whim or wish of making new ones , this anomaly existing in people belonging to the same race marks a huge deal of disappointment in folks especially students on their own.

My mom reminds me of a famous saying in our language which is Urdu/Hindi “ Umeed pe duniya Kaayam hai “ which translated into English as Hope helps us keep going in this world. And me being an ultra-optimistic individual of the non-immigrant slot wakes up each day with the hope of dissolving the aristocratic paradox currently existing amongst us and would be more encouraging to the helpless slot and more importantly more welcoming.


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