Bloggers are selected on a rolling-basis and we are always looking for new authors from the University of Minnesota community! Learn how you can become a blogger!

2017-2018 Contributors

Zuhrat Inam
» Learn more about Zuhrat
» Read all of Zuhrat’s posts

Jessica Immermann
» Learn more about Jessica
» Read all of Jessica’s posts

Soha Shaikh
» Learn more about Soha
» Read all of Soha’s posts

Emma Saks
» Emma is the Women’s Center Programs Assistant for 2017-18
» Learn more about Emma
» Read all of Emma’s posts

Olivia Novotny
» Olivia is the Women’s Center Communications Assistant for 2017-18
» Read all of Olivia’s posts

Past Contributors

Alyssa McKenna
» Learn more about Alyssa
» Read all of Alyssa’s posts

» Learn more about Christine
» Read all of Christine’s posts

Claire Fallon
» Learn more about Claire
» Read all of Claire’s posts

Ellen So
» Learn more about Ellen
» Read all of Ellen’s posts

Alyssa Martin
» Learn more about Alyssa
» Read all of Alyssa’s posts

» Learn more about Mekdelawit
» Read all of Mekdelawit’s posts

Felicia Philibert
» Learn more about Felicia
» Read all of Felicia’s posts

Cecilia Rasgado
» Learn more about Cecilia
» Read all of Cecilia’s posts

Selena W.
» Learn more about Selena
» Read all of Selena’s posts

Anna Blasco
» Learn more about Anna
» Read all of Anna’s posts

Sara Cronquist
» Learn more about Sara
» Read all of Sara’s posts

Rebecca L.
» Learn more about Rebecca
» Read all of Rebecca’s posts

Lydia N.
» Learn more about Lydia
» Read all of Lydia’s posts

Sarah Thamer
» Learn more about Sarah
» Read all of Sarah’s posts

Sam S.
» Learn more about Sam
» Read all of Sam’s posts

Shonna Korsmoe
» Learn more about Shonna
» Read all of Shonna’s posts

Storm Blitz
» Learn more about Storm
» Read all of Storm’s posts

Mali Collins
» Learn more about Mali
» Read all of Mali’s posts

Emma Dahlgren
» Learn more about Emma
» Read all of Emma’s posts

Sam Jasenosky
» Learn more about Sam J.
» Read all of Sam J.’s posts

Amber Jones
» Learn more about Amber
» Read all of Amber’s posts

Bri Lopez
» Learn more about Bri
» Read all of Bri’s posts

Sam White
» Learn more about Sam W.
» Read all of Sam W.’s posts


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